King Edward's Hall - North Ascot 

King Edwards Road 

North Ascot 

SL5 8PD 



Morrell Room, 

Church Lane 



RG8 9HT 

Karen North (Principal) 


REG AISTD in Ballet, Modern, Tap, and National Dance. 

Diploma London College Dance & Drama (Dip LCDD).  

RAD Dip (teaching diploma). 

DDE Diploma in Dance Education. 

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Code of Conduct &Child Protection

Upholding the principles and compliance with Code of Conduct and Professional Practice

1 . Integrity

RAD Registered Teachers must:
     ensure that their private, personal and political interests do not conflict with their professional duties
     deal honestly with money, information, people and resources   not misrepresent their qualifications or experience
     respect the confidentiality of colleagues and students   behave courteously and responsibly at all times

2. Competence

RAD Registered Teachers must:
     maintain good practice in the studio through effective studio management skills, appropriate planning, addressing individual learning needs through differentiation, providing constructive feedback to aid learning
     maintain up-to-date subject knowledge and understanding
     maintain up to date knowledge and understanding of safe practice in different dance contexts

3. Professionalism

RAD Registered Teachers must:
     work in a positive and cooperative manner with other individuals, dance professionals and organisations
     ensure that the facilities in which they practise are adequately maintained and constitute a safe learning environment
     engage in reflective practice, learn from observing other practitioners and take responsibility for professional development
     seek to promote equal opportunities and avoid discrimination against any individual based on nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion etc.

4. Compliance

If an individual demonstrates behaviour or practice which is understood to contravene the standards of behaviour expected of the profession and the RAD (as specified in this Code), s/he can be referred to the RAD in writing. Following referral, a full investigation will be conducted, in which the facts of the case will be considered against this Code of Conduct and Professional Practice. Disciplinary action will be implemented at the discretion of the RAD.
RAD Registered Teachers are responsible for ensuring that their practices are in full compliance with current legislation in their country of operation and this Code of Conduct and Professional Practice.

Code of Conduct and Professional Practice for Teachers registered with the Royal Academy of Dance