King Edward's Hall - North Ascot 

King Edwards Road 

North Ascot 

SL5 8PD 



Morrell Room, 

Church Lane 



RG8 9HT 

Karen North (Principal) 


REG AISTD in Ballet, Modern, Tap, and National Dance. 

Diploma London College Dance & Drama (Dip LCDD).  

RAD Dip (teaching diploma). 

DDE Diploma in Dance Education. 

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Dress code


Students are expected to wear correct dance uniform for their classes.
All students, including pre-school, should have their hair tied back for a dance class, either in a bun for ballet or pleat/ponytail for other dance genres.

Uniform requirements

All items of uniform can be purchased from the dance school office.

Alternitively items can be obtained from Dancia in both Caversham or Crowthorne branches. Or Ruby Slippers in Newbury.

RAD Ballet

Pre-Primary and Primary grade girls require a pink short sleeve leotard, pink wrap over voil skirt, pink ballet socks/tights and ballet shoes with elastic strap.

Girls grade 1-2 require a lavender sleeveless leotard with matching elastic belt, pink ballet socks/tights and shoes with elastic strap.

Boys Pre Primary - 2 require a white short sleeved t-shirt or leotard (1-2) black/navy shorts, white ballet socks and black ballet shoes.

Boys grade 1 - 2, in adition to the above, require black lace up syllabus shoes.

Girsl grade 3 - 5 require nave sleeveless leotard and matching belt, ballet tights and shoes with elastic strap, black character skirt and cuban heeled syllabis shoes.

Boys grade 3 - 5 require a white short sleeved leotard, navy leggings, white ballet socks, white ballet shoes and black lace up syllabus shoes.

GIrls grade 6 - 8 require either black or own choice of colour with matching chiffon skirt, seamless convertible ballet tights and black split sole ballet shoes, character skirt and cuban heeled character shoes.

Order form available upon request.

Uniform & Dress Code